This retreat sounds swell, but what will I get out of it?

A lot more than you can even imagine! For the last five years, Marla has been hosting a similar retreat for a group of photographers she met in an online forum. They have all become incredible friends and their business have all swelled beyond imagination. You can go to a workshop and listen to someone tell you what they do, but at Swell we recognize that what YOU bring to the table will greatly benefit others. It is about making friends who get what you do, learning from a wide range of business and shooting styles, and building a support network.

I don’t get it. How is this different from other workshops?

Please know this is not your typical workshop. This is a get together and retreat where you will have a chance to brainstorm with others who understand what you face as a business owner.  We believe you all have unique life experiences that have great value and encourage participants to share openly. Marla, Catherine, and a group of special guests will be participating throughout the retreat to help guide discussions and answer questions about our business and photography. All learning will take place in round robin style chat sessions. Each session will begin with a specific topic of interest. We guarantee you can learn more from each-other in this type of setting than your standard speaker driven workshop.

We will also serve as your hosts for this amazing weekend.  You will stay in pure luxury and eat delicious meals.  All of your needs will be taken care of.

Who should attend?

Swell is for the professional photographer who has been in business for a few years. Perhaps, you are needing to infuse your business with new ideas, or maybe you feel stuck in a rut and want to be inspired. Maybe you are happy with your work and run a successful business.  In fact, it may be too successful. You may have hit a place that you feel burnt out and need to find a way to balance your life.

Swell is your opportunity to network and connect with other Photographers across the country face to face.

Swell is a safe and authentic environment, where egos are left at the door. Attendees should be prepared to share all and seek out information from their peers.

This is NOT a workshop for new photographers needing to learn technical skills and start up business concepts.

(Workshop is not open to photographers who shoot in the Florida Panhandle, or Dallas Metro area)

What will we talk about?

Because swell is about YOU the participants and not us, we will guide and follow the conversation as it flows, it will not be a lecture format. No topic is off limits!

We will also have special guests to answer questions about issues like web and SEO, commercial photography, and more!

Discussions can include but are not limited to:

Pricing, minimum orders, mentoring, hiring and utilizing an assistant, hiring a staff photographer, working with your husband, working a tourist market, working in a saturated market, running a studio or gallery, working from home vs. going to work, photoshop tricks and time savers, upselling, customer service, how to prescreen clients, using blogs and social media, how to stay in demand, selling digital files, in person vs. online ordering, resources and products, and anything else you guys want to discuss!

Is it really all inclusive?

Just about. The only thing you will need to arrange is your transportation to and from the Resort. Of course, we will make transportation recommendations and help coordinate attendees arriving at the same time.

Accommodations, food, and recreation are all included!

Will there be free time?

Absolutely! We expect you to use this time to relax and recharge. The area provides great shopping, hiking and biking trails, and incredible architecture. The Inn also has an exclusive day spa which tailors its lavish treatments to your needs either in the spa itself or privately in your Watercolor Inn guest room.

What to Bring:

The structure of the retreat is based on sharing, so please bring anything you are willing to share. Ideas include marketing materials, pricing menus, albums, products, and portfolio images. Also, be sure to bring your camera, favorite lens and a laptop with photoshop.

What to wear?

The weather at the beach in February is generally cool, averaging between 50 and 60 degrees. Casual attire is recommended. Jeans and a sweater during the day with a light coat in the evening. We will be doing some outdoor shooting so scarves and gloves may be desired. We also plan to shoot headshots of all the attendees, so bring at least one favorite top! If you think you will want to go in the hot tub, be sure to bring your suit!

I’m In. Now what?!

Please go to registration page and fill out the form. After we receive your form, we will email you for payment information. Also, be sure to go “like” our FACEBOOK PAGE!