Amy Smith is an Orlando-based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, child and family photography. Her client work bubbles with personality and energy.  Amy’s ability to run a high volume studio while making each client feel important has made her a raging success. In addition to shooting over 200 portrait sessions a year, Amy has a suceesful commercial career, with images appearing in Parenting, Babytalk, Conceive, The Patient, Playground, and on Disney advertisements across the globe. Learn Amy’s formula for shooting well rounded full and mini sessions that will result in good sales. Also, while we are shooting Amy will share her awesome bag of tricks for shooting families and kids, even the hard ones!

DANNA BOWES: Bowes Photography-Baby Art

Danna has been a professional photographer for the last 14.5 years, after graduating from Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, British Columbia. Her specialty is studio-lit portrait work, and her passion is newborns, babies, and their families. Danna’s work is timeless, focusing on the beauty of love and relationships.

Despite the rising number in competitors, Danna’s business still thrives and grows each year. She will share how she continues to be one of the busiest photographers in her area without doing any advertising, but by simply nurturing her relationships with the clients she already has.


Tara Morris has begun her seventh year of business since creating the local and international award winning Tara Morris Photography. Based from Penticton, British Columbia, Tara has effectively created a niche market for natural light family and child photography in black and white images. She has become known and sought after for her distinct and recognizable style.

Tara’s artistic reputation for capturing moments and images of clear beauty has afforded her the ability to continue to operate with a lower volume and higher price model. She has also translated her knowledge into creating a curriculum for teaching photography classes in her community and across western Canada.

Tara is also a wife and mother of three who has intentionally worked for the last two years to find a balance between family, home, self care, business, and serving her community.


Nichol Krupp  has been running a successful photography studio in Bay City, Michigan for over 10 years. She is an internationally recognized photographer who has received numerous accolades and is frequently asked to travel throughout the U.S. as well as to document humanitarian efforts to third world countries or otherwise devastated areas.

As a result of these humanitarian journeys, Nichol has found her true calling in photojournalism. This allows her to bring a unique approach to photographing each of her clients, the ability to connect with them on much deeper levels, and provides her with the knowledge to authentically tell their story each and every time. They remain loyal to her not only because of the creative vision she brings to her photos, but also because of her unwavering dedication to staying inspired and bettering herself both personally and professionally.

She is a wife, mother of three, writer, artist and missionary. Nichol is dedicated to teaching her children and others about the importance of giving back to those much less fortunate than herself, as well as using her photography to educate and move others into action that creates change for women and children across the globe.